Custom interactive media for the automotive industry


    360º Animation Demo
    Exterior Animations

    360ºizmostudio produces an automotive media catalog of all makes and models in the USA and Europe. One could say we have 360 animations of automobiles dialed in, because we do this six hundred time per year, every year. Custom options make our 360 interactive media even better. Increased frame rate for broadcast and video, custom lighting, feature hotspots, and color changes, are just a few of the custom animation options. Art directors are optional, and always welcome.

    Interior Color Change
    Interior Colorization

    OptionsCustom interior animations and selectors make it easier for your customers to personalize their new car and learn about your equipment upgrades, and aftermarket accessories. We understand how difficult it is to get all features and equipment before a photo shoot, and that often photo shoots come before all products are correct, so don’t worry. Our specialized photography systems and post-production make the final configurator seamless.

    Exterior Color Change
    Exterior Options

    ColorOur animated color selector is available in the industry-leading izmoToolkit, or integrated with exterior 360 animations, hotspot animations, interior panoramas, single image color selectors, and image galleries. Vehicle shoppers see accurate color for all variations in your vehicle specifications in a clean user interface.

    Interior Animations

    PanoramaOur high dynamic range panoramas are the most advanced in the industry. Our studio team is constantly researching and developing this exciting technology, so we can offer you, and your customers, the absolute best panoramas. There is nothing to hide. Details are so sharp you can virtually feel the materials. Stunning full spherical 360′s allow the viewer to look straight up and down. izmostudio’s interior panoramas load faster in any browser or mobile device. We also customize the virtual experience with special feature hotspots, which can include any type of content like images, video, sound, forms, or additional animations.

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